St. Patrick’s Cathedral – NYC

st patricks cathedral NYC

Isn’t it absolutely Beautiful!


St. Agnes

st agnes TLM

St. Agnes Cathedral

Springfield, MO

Traditional Latin Mass: 

Tues.- Fri @ 12:15pm (with confession from 11:30am-12noon)            

Sunday @ 2:30pm (with confession from 1:30-2:15pm & Holy Rosary @2pm)

Peace and understanding… I’m working on it…


So this is me..

Quiet and joyful in my new Catholic Faith..


I’ve joined a few forums, started reading Catholic News and offical documents, gone to Mass and Confession regularly (only missing on account of poor health). Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped into what are known as “Trad” forums (traditional conservative Catholic sites that prefer Latin Mass and pre-Vatican II liturgies). The thing is, I was raised Fundamental Christian so I am very conservative in my Christian beliefs overall, so it seemed like a good fit.

Women shouldn’t be Pastors/Priests: Check!

Church shouldn’t be an entertainment venue: Check!

Secular entertainments should be eschewed: Check!

Avoid near occasions of Sin: Check!

Render unto God: Check!

and I’m sure I’ll add to this list. It’s a “What’s right” list.

I suppose it was to much to hope for that some Catholics wouldn’t be judgemental, full of vitriol, condemning … in short, that they wouldn’t act like Fundamentalist, pulpit beating preachers and congregations saying everyone but them is gonna “BURN IN HELL!!!” but apparently I had hopes… I figured that out when they were dashed.

Imagine being a new convert, the only Catholic in your family, or anywhere within 20 Leagues for that matter… and reading this:

[Re: Good Protestants are just as holy/good as Catholics.
Measuring Holiness.]
« Reply #25 on: Feb ** at 11:50 AM »
Protestants don’t have Faith; they don’t believe in many articles of the Creed. The supernatural virtue of faith can only come from being within the Catholic Church.
or this:
[Re: Good Protestants are just as holy/good as Catholics.
Measuring Holiness.]
« Reply #7 on: February **, 2013
Yes, that is true. Catholics are attacked by satan more because we are fighting him and protestants are doing his work for him.
I could list many more responses. This thread ran over 12 pages, mostly echoing those sentiment.
I am thankful for the responses that were not like that!
The Church is Holy and Right.
The people…
flawed sinners…
(link to website edited out to protect what is a good and edifying forum 99.99% of the time)